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Month: December 2022

How to Make More Money – Without Losing Your Social Life

How to Make More Money – Without Losing Your Social Life

The image of making more money most of us have is the workaholic locked away in their office, working night after night. In fact, overtime is not the best way to make extra cash on the side. The extra hours you lose leave you tired and unhappy. There are better ways to make cash in less painful ways:

Passive income. A passive income is money you make with no added effort. There are whole books written about this subject, and they are well worth investigating. Whether you decide to sell products online or sell ads through your blog, creating some sort of passive income (even a few hundred dollars a month) can make a big difference.

Investments. A specific form of passive income, investments are a wonderful way to build up your assets and long-term wealth. Invest in CDs, stocks, real estate, mutual funds. Research the options and choose an investment that you are comfortable with.

Leasing. Do you have a vacation home? A part of your home you don’t use? A boat? You can lease or rent what you don’t use and make extra cash.

Monetizing hobbies. The things you do for fun are generally things that others pay money for. Earn cash doing these things and you could make a great additional income while playing, not working.…